Benefits of telematics

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Why your fleet needs tracking - the benefits of telematics

As the country looks set to start to go back to (relative) normality, many businesses will be hoping to open fully for services soon enough. For many fleet and delivery companies, they have been busier than ever, but as the rest of the UK starts up again - haulage, delivery of materials etc - the benefits of telematics for fleet companies is more apparent than ever. 

Getting things done

It is a fast-paced society we live in, and businesses and individuals alike are wanting things done efficiently and quickly as ever. People want their personal deliveries pretty much immediately - as they are normally ordering in a rush or last minute, businesses want their materials sent quickly, so they can deliver their product or service quicker than their competitors. Everything is 24/7 and needed now!

Whether or not that is right, businesses need to keep up to date. Which is where telematics comes in. 

At SafeTrac Solutions we always state the main benefits of telematics for a fleet company are:

  • Increase in productivity - With live tracking telematic apps, you can receive up to the minute updates on the location of your fleet. This means you can make change routes if one way is blocked, and keep customers constantly informed of delivery times. You can also use the nearest vehicle feature, meaning if one is closer they can perhaps pick up or drop off. More jobs completed - more deliveries or collections. Increased productivity
  • Reduced costs - As well as being able to plan routes more efficiently, you can also accurately monitor overtime payments as well as cut out unauthorised vehicle use and engine idling. This in turn saves money, especially in fuel costs - and let’s face it, everyone wants to save money.
  • Improving customer service - Sometimes customers may have a last-minute change to their needs. The benefits of telematics means you can respond instantly and accurately with up to the minute information. It may be they need something adding to their order - well with the tracking devices - you can see exactly where the driver is, or another near driver and let the customer know how quickly it can be delivered. In general, with efficient route planning and traffic updates, your drivers should be able to speed up turnaround time and confidently respond to enquiries. This is likely to help with repeat business and custom.
  • Increased Safety and Security - It is of course paramount to us all that our employees and colleagues are safe at all times. Telematics provides a location 24/7 for all units and vehicles. If the driver has had an accident or is in trouble, half the battle is knowing where they are - which you’ll know with our telematics. Live information on driver behaviour and speed notifications can help cease accidents, complaints and general danger. Many tracking devices (we have one) has a panic button feature, which is compliant with current legislation and can help drivers feel safe and secure on the road. 

To follow on from these benefits of telematics, many tracking devices have street view. This gives you the ultimate insight into where our vehicles have driven by actually viewing each road. It may be that the driver is late to a job, or took a wrong turning or something else, you are able to go back and see why actions and decisions were taken. It is not just about monitoring their behaviour but understanding and protecting them too. 

Benefits outweigh the bad. 

These trackers have GPS in them. Another great benefit of these is that they are small and discreet so fit nicely and are hidden from thieves. The chances of recovering your stolen vehicle with a tracker installed increases by 50%. It is a no brainer surely?

With all this in mind - we do need to look at how much this will cost your fleet. For many companies if you order in bulk you can get a worthwhile deal, it can be from as little as £10 a month.

The good certainly outweighs the bad when it comes to telematics for your fleet. In fact - we cannot think of any reasons not to have telematics. 

If you’d like to chat further about the benefits of telematics and trackers for your fleet - contact us here.