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First4Safety were originally established in 1999 to offer face to face training in Health and Safety. They moved to providing on-line training Health & Safety courses developed in partnership with IOSH in 2016, and have since become a leading provider.

By instituting programmes of Health, Safety and Employee Wellbeing training you will be demonstrating your awareness and concern for the physical and mental health of your workers, which will be a key factor in improving staff retention, boosting productivity and paving the way for greater employee engagement.

Few companies, however, can afford to have key members of staff absent for days at a time even if it means acquiring valuable qualifications which will help to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of the whole team. Happily, First4Safety has the answer, they offer a range of IOSH accredited Health and Safety and Employee Wellbeing courses on-line suitable for yourself, your line managers and key employees.

On-line learning, has numerous advantages over classroom tuition. In today’s mobile society to have the flexibility to learn wherever and whenever, on whatever device, lap-top, tablet phone or desk top, one chooses is highly valued. Learners work at their own pace, bite sized chunks perhaps one day, immersive the next, recapping from time to time, stopping and starting at need - whatever suits that individual’s learning style until they reach their goal.

All First4Safety’s course have been developed by learning experts in partnership with IOSH Health and Safety consultants. The courses are delivered using market leading e-learning technology, and are rated “Outstanding” by IOSH. A combination of video, audio, and text, questioning the learning throughout, with free exam and course re-sits with tutor support ensure a 100% success rate. The exam is included in the price, along with the IOSH certificate.

First4Safety’s priority and mission is simple – Making the workplace, a safer place.



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