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CRMCS/CRM Consultancy
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We are a small team of qualified Dynamics 365 CRM specialists, who are dedicated to delivering excellent service and products through Dynamics 365 CRM.

We help businesses link with their Customers to drive sales and better relationships, specifically focusing on Dynamics CRM and supporting components.

What we do..

We deliver Dynamics CRM but we understand that any CRM System is simply a collection of functionality and systems that can help a business. The ‘can’ here is where we come in – we aim to understand and partner with your business to turn the CRM System into a success, so our people speak and think your business when you need us.

So whilst we can supply the technical aspects of CRM in Customisation, development of Business Logic, Reports and whole Integrations; more crucially understanding your business allows us to advise when to implement these aspects of CRM, and likewise, when not to.

Aimed at supporting your CRM Strategy within the business, rather than simply building another IT System. How do we do this? Well, we have been working with CRM for over 10 years, and having seen a range of projects with different teams across different business sectors – and so we’ve seen the huge sometimes disastrously over-engineered projects all the way down to the little-used largely forgotten projects, and we’ve helped correct both.

Along the way we have compiled a formula on how to help make these projects work, and whilst the technical stuff is important, that formula is all around knowing the business well enough to be a true partner and advise when that technical stuff is required and when it really isn’t.

This also helps us focus on the important points to our client, and so when we do, we make sure we do it properly.



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