System Hygienics introduce new solution as they continue their commitment to clean air'


Risers have always been notoriously difficult to access, inspect and maintain. They are generally positioned in the centre of the building or are bolted onto an exterior wall at a height, or in a place which can only be reached by treacherously navigating the roof.

The introduction of new legislative Grease Extract Guidance in 2019 (BESA’s TR19), requiring premises to have their ENTIRE ventilation system cleaned every 3-12 months, has therefore presented many companies with a headache – how to reach and thoroughly address the problematic area of the riser?

System Hygienics has a solution…

As the UK’s leading ventilation, maintenance & hygiene company, System Hygienics understand the difficulty these regulations can present to some businesses, however, they also know the importance of ensuring that the riser is cleaned effectively – not only to comply with legislation and to meet insurance requirements, but also to protect the health and safety of employees and others within the building (potentially also those in adjacent offices or accommodation near to where the ventilation is positioned).

With these considerations in mind, they have introduced their own method to tackle these generally inaccessible areas - Hot Chemical Viscosity Riser Cleaning.

This process involves pumping a heated solution of diluted chemical down into the riser and then extracting it at the bottom when it has efficiently cut through the grease and dirt around the system.

The highly experienced teams at System Hygienics ensure safety is a priority throughout the procedure, cordoning off the entire area and collecting all ‘used’ chemicals by vacuum before removing them from site. Even where roof access is not possible or is deemed unsafe, they can reach the highest riser discharge point by using a portable, compact lift, eliminating the need to erect scaffolding or introduce any form of harness work. The entire process is carried out with minimal disruption and provides proven results which confidently meet the legislative requirements.

An important addition to the System Hygienics commitment to clean air

The introduction of this service was of paramount importance to System Hygienics. Already having a well-respected reputation for our BESA-approved cleaning and testing solutions, their customers had become accustomed to relying upon our expertise to handle all aspects of ductwork, ventilation and fire damper maintenance and testing. The ability to offer a solution for this additional, historically problematic area has allowed them to offer complete compliance without the need for third party involvement.

Owner and Managing Director, Mark Poultney, has said:

“This service is something we are proud to shout about, here at System Hygienics we are always looking for the next solution to help our clients adhere to legislation, and to ensure their premises is safe to operate. Risers have always been a challenging area to clean – but where there’s a challenge there’s an innovation we’re yet to discover, as demonstrated!”

If you would like to find out more about this service or any other aspects of the System Hygienics total solution then visit and find out exactly why they can confidently say “Clean Air is Our Business”.