Local tech firm is awarded with Worcestershire Works Well accreditation


Worcestershire based tech firm, Payara Services, has been presented with the Level 1 accreditation from Worcestershire Works Well (WWW), a free endorsement scheme that supports businesses with improving the health and wellbeing of their employees.

To attain this certification, Payara has been successfully demonstrating its commitment to a number of ongoing workplace health promotions, including raising awareness of health issues and supporting employees to make healthier lifestyle choices.

As part of this initiative, Payara employees are getting creative and sharing healthy recipes within the company’s internal Newsletter. The firm has always encouraged its staff to take part in activities that improve both their physical and mental health, and before the nationwide lockdown began, the Payara team attended a climbing session at Redpoint in Worcester.

In addition to this, Payara has been creating monthly internal campaigns around a specific health issue that has some relevance to the team, raising awareness and signposting information for those in need, whilst incorporating a challenge to make it a fun experience. Recent campaigns include ‘World Sleep Day’, ‘Healthy eating and exercise’ and ‘Dealing with stress’.

Sarah Colloby from Worcestershire Works Well said:

“With many adults spending a substantial part of their daily lives in the workplace, employers can play a vital role in improving the health and wellbeing of their entire workforce.

As the WWW representative working with Payara, I was impressed by the passion and energy that both Mycah Banks and Julia Millidge brought to their application for the Level 1 accreditation and was delighted to see them achieving the award within just a few months.

Payara has demonstrated a strong commitment and sound foundation in supporting employee health and wellbeing and I look forward to helping them work towards the next Level.”

Improved employee health and wellbeing has been shown to improve the profitability and productivity of businesses, and in the current climate of uncertainty due to COVID-19, a healthy workforce is crucial.

Payara strongly believes in supporting and encouraging health and wellbeing and has focused its efforts on mental health over the last few weeks, in response to the rapid changes its staff have had to endure due to the pandemic.

Although a predominately remote working company, the staff at Payara’s HQ in Malvern Hills Science Park have had to adjust to working from home, reducing their social contact with colleagues. Under the new restrictions, many workers may suffer loneliness, isolation, or anxiety around the stability of their jobs, so understanding the need for support and communication in these times is key to helping employees’ long-term mental health.

With the skills and knowledge built from its involvement in the WWW scheme, Payara remains in a great position to be able to support its workers to think positively and address worries and concerns in a healthy way.

Headquartered in Malvern Hills Science Park with an EU office located in Funchal, Madeira, Payara is a global open source company that specialises in the development of innovative infrastructure software.

To find out more, visit: https://www.payara.fish