Informance helps Bakkavor gain digital transformation and data literacy with its functional applications,


built using advanced analytics from Qlik.

Bakkavor is the leading provider in the UK fresh prepared food (FPF) market with an international presence in the US and China. It has over 30 years of manufacturing experience and is committed to supplying outstanding service, quality and value.

Bakkavor has worked closely with business intelligence specialist Informance to develop several functional applications, using advanced technology from Qlik, that provide digital transformation for key business operations including finance, sales, supply chain, quality management, material analysis, purchase price variance, marketing and HR.

These Informance solutions have provided a business discovery platform with guided analytics where users consistently work with their apps for in-depth data analysis with the agility to build their own reports and visualisations.

Today, the number of apps and users within Bakkavor’s business has grown significantly with the roll-out of Qlik to more sites within the group. With the continued help and support of Informance, Bakkavor has also added to its portfolio of products with Qlik Sense, a data literacy and discovery tool that provides users with advanced interactive analytics.

Leon Bishop, Qlik project manager at Bakkavor says:

“Adding Qlik Sense to our solutions has provided added-value for our users as it enables them to really explore and work with their data and make business decisions faster”.

With help from Informance, Qlik Sense went live within three weeks and is fully agile for multi-device use within the business. Qlik NPrinting was then added gradually to enable users to create reports from their Qlik Sense apps and distribute them automatically in a range of formats.

Leon says:

“Some Bakkavor weekly operations are predominantly repetition with the associated reporting. However, there are exceptions, for example ‘what-if’ analysis where Qlik enables us to ask various questions and see how the changes affect the outcomes. We can then use the resulting data visualisation and analysis to really add-value”.

The business intelligence reporting process within Bakkavor has continual Qlik development and Informance works alongside the Bakkavor team with consulting as needed, but on an ongoing basis throughout each year.

Leon concludes:

“A core benefit of working with Informance is the flexible and versatile relationship we have with them, from advice on hardware upgrades to the ease in which they help us manage the peaks and troughs of our business operations. This includes the various apps we need based on users, departments and even our customer requirements. Informance is also helpful in providing consultants at short notice or on demand which is invaluable.”