GSM tasks Telematics for a New Age


GSM tasks, the advanced fleet tracking solution operated through the drivers’ mobile phones is will soon be launching GSM tasks 2.0.

GSM tasks already enables Fleet operators to manage their fleet on line in real time. Rather than installing GPS units in the vehicles they use mobile phones to track their employees’ positions and send them work in seconds. Employees can even be sent details of their first call before they leave home, enabling them to go straight to the first pick up. Should another driver fall ill, or be delayed by an accident or heavy traffic their calls can be redistributed straight away to the nearest appropriate driver.

Customers who need to make multiple deliveries across busy areas really benefit from being able to manage their deliveries in real time. A London based cupcake company, Lola’s Cupcakes, uses GSM tasks to successfully manage up to 10,000 deliveries a month simply and efficiently, despite frequently needing to incorporate last minute changes, by means of the simple to use interface, a boon for both their office staff and drivers.

The service is accessed via a subscription only portal that links employees’ and contractors’ smartphones which feed real time information to a central desktop dashboard supported by a readily available mapping service.

The whole delivery system is stored on the customer’s database, and sent to GSM tasks software through API. Each driver downloads the GSM tasks app onto their smartphone which acts as a portal and GPS positioning and tracking tool, negating the need for expensive additional hardware and facilitating seamless switching or registering of drivers onto the system.

The app gives the driver all their delivery jobs and works out the most effective route and schedule based on customers’ needs, real-time mapping and traffic information. Drivers can see this information in map view, as well as job lists. Because each step of the delivery is logged by the app, the driver can send the customer notifications, call the customer and set a status for both the customer and the office to see at any point.

The status of the order is colour-coded to signify whether the delivery is in transit, Customers also get a simple HTML tracking code link by SMS that allows them to track the delivery in real-time on a map in any basic web browser.

The system will provide a valuable store of customer data over time, how frequently a given customer orders, what they order, how long the driver takes to make each drop, all these factors can be fed into your CRM system to improve service and cut costs.

GSM Tasks 2.0 will soon be live featuring subtle changes to the interface to make the dashboard even more customer friendly. The optimisation system is due to be updated to include cargo load management and distribution of deliveries amongst drivers.

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