Flirty at 40, Make it a Michael Knight with Fanattik


Fanattik, the North West based pop culture specialists, are no strangers to creating anniversary related merchandise, having worked on the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter, the 25th anniversary of video game Doom, and the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park to name but a few, however 2022 is really going to top the anniversary leader board with a plethora of brands in the Fanattik portfolio hitting the grand old age of 40.

The iconic Steven Spielberg film E.T. celebrates its 40th birthday in 2022, as does horror film The Thing both of which Fanattik are releasing product for, however the brand that has Fanattik M.D. Anthony Marks most excited is the 40th anniversary of Knight Rider, which coincides with the star of the show, David Hasselhoff’s, 70th birthday.

I loved watching Knight Rider as a kid, Michael was so cool, with balls of steel, so when the team were throwing bottle opener ideas around, we thought

“What better way to open a bottle than by using what was between his legs!?”. – Anthony Marks, M.D. Fanattik

Michael’s pick-up lines include pin badges and keyrings as well as glassware, this tongue-in-cheek range has been created with Father’s Day and Christmas in mind.

With the cancellation of New York and Nuremberg Toy Fair, if retailers would like to make the most of all these upcoming anniversaries, they should email to book a meeting.