S&P City – in Birmingham’s premier league sales and lettings position


In 2018, Birmingham was voted as the 6th best place in Europe for property investment opportunities, with an economy worth a staggering £24bn. To keep up to speed with growth, a brand-new division of a Birmingham-based property investment company has launched to help the region’s investors stay ahead.

The early success of property investment specialist Sadler and Partridge, launched in 2018 by former Birmingham City footballer Mat Sadler and business partner Paul Partridge, now sees the introduction of its S&P City division, which will focus entirely on sourcing, selling, renting and managing city-living homes on behalf of its clients.

Mat says:

“Birmingham provides ideal opportunities for property investors looking to both receive long term rental returns and the capital growth of a property. The city has a house price growth of 7.5%, compared to London’s capital growth of 1.8%, making it the best in the UK.

“We’re extremely excited to launch S&P City – not only does Birmingham have an unrivalled annual house price growth – the average property price in Birmingham is three times cheaper than that of property in London, meaning investors can buy charming properties for as little as £130,000.”

The number of people living in Birmingham is set to rise from 171,000 to a staggering 1.3 million by 2039, according to the latest official population projections, and with this surge in demand will bring large-scale potential for existing and would-be investors. In the city centre, HSBC has its retail banking headquarters and Deutsche Bank has a trading floor, with HMRC due to announce plans to move a large number of staff to the city centre from 2020. This is great news for Birmingham and brings huge opportunities for investors.

Paul adds:

“We know that some investors spend an average of 12 hours per week researching and executing their property acquisition and management strategy and are sometimes reluctant to let go of the reigns.

“Our knowledge of the sector, passion for property and demand by existing clients puts S&P City in the premier league of property management. The ethos of our company is that of trust, transparency and ease of financial control– so much so that we have recently invested in a new digital system that allows both landlords and tenants to manage the rental process themselves, at the touch of a button.

“We are already working with those in the sporting profession as well as first-time and experienced investors and we are looking forward to helping many more in 2019 and beyond.”