Landwood Leads Fightback Against Unscrupulous Landlords With New Service Charge Consultancy


The experts at Landwood Group are providing a lifeline for commercial tenants with a new team dedicated to exposing unfair service charges.

The Service Charge Consultancy department undertakes forensic investigations to maximise savings and mitigate outgoings for occupiers on either a single property or entire portfolio.

Director of Commercial Asset Management at Landwood Group, Anna Main, comments:

“Businesses are facing a torrid time of it at the moment.

“Yet despite this, there remains a number of unscrupulous landlords and agents out there who cynically overcharge tenants for services that in many cases they simply do not require, do not benefit from and are not liable for.

“It’s a tricky and complex area as few tenants have the time, expertise or knowledge to challenge landlords effectively.

“Our new Service Charge Consultancy can potentially save businesses tens of thousands of pounds by undertaking a comprehensive audit of service charges in order to determine whether the monetary demands of landlords fall within the contractual obligations of the tenant’s lease.”

Landwood Group’s dedicated team offers advice on all aspects of service charges, including support through lease drafting, technical due diligence support for all occupiers, and recoverability of costs of major repairs and replacements.

Where errors are detected, Landwood Group will negotiate reductions, refunds or credits of any inappropriate or unreasonable costs.

Anna adds:

“We have found countless examples of landlords abusing the trust of tenants by charging them for items including unnecessary insurance, utility costs, plant maintenance, and reception staff.

“The bottom line is you should only ever be billed for services you benefit from - and if that’s not the case, then you are due redress.”

Landwood Group are experts in property, plant and machinery and business assets. With offices in Manchester and Liverpool, their team of chartered surveyors, project managers, asset managers and auctioneers provide unrivalled expertise across the North West and beyond.

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