KIBRE deliver bespoke design furnishings to 305 apartments in the newly opened West Tower, Deansgate, Manchester.


KIBRE, the London based design studio, are delighted to announce the completion of the installation of their bespoke furniture to 305 build to rent apartments in the West Tower, Deansgate development in Manchester.

The installation process was completed in only 8 weeks and was the largest single-phase installation they have completed to date.

They were appointed by Legal and General to design a bespoke furniture suite for each apartment and to procure and install all furnishings, in addition to the procurement and installation of all the amenity area furnishings.

The apartment furnishings were largely designed and manufactured by KIBRE, together with some handpicked items, to complement the interiors and ensure it all fits and looks completely unique. These KIBRE designed bespoke furnishings are totally unique to West Tower and will not be found in any other scheme in the world.

KIBRE ran everything in house, from the design and procurement to the delivery and installation logistics, and by installing 305 apartments in around 8 weeks have achieved something that is almost unheard of in the industry. The magnitude and complexities of the job was so impressive that it caught the attention of a major TV channel so watch this space!

Robin Hutton, who founded KIBRE alongside Dom Coleman, commented:

‘We are enormously proud of what we have achieved at West Tower, not only did we complete the installation process with utmost precision but the apartments and overall interiors look absolutely amazing.

Our ambition is to design unique aspirational homes for tenants to be proud of, not to take a catalogue approach to furnishing like most other providers in the market. But we also believe that in order to ensure the absolute best service to our clients, the procurement and installation logistics also have to be managed in house. Working with major Build to Rent schemes around the UK such as the West Tower in Deansgate, Manchester, and designing these beautiful developments is something we take a lot of pride in creating and delivering.'

Dom Coleman added:

'West Tower ups the anti on BTR once again. We worked closely with the team to source, design and procure a collection of furniture for the project. Logistically working in a 44 storey building is a challenge to anyone, especially with large luxury sofas and media units over 2m! To see the results of months of hard work from our design and logistics teams, and to hear the positive feedback from the client and residents alike, is enormously rewarding.’