Sparkle Cleaning lend a helping hand to those affected by COVID-19


Gareth Sanders of Bristol-based Sparkle Cleaning has pledged to help some of the many people in the UK who have lost their jobs from the coronavirus outbreak. Gareth is pledging to gift some of his cleaning franchises in a bid to help those who are in need of work and income.

Gareth explains,

“Over the last few days I have witnessed friends lose jobs and have to close down their businesses, I've had clients who are concerned for their staff who they have had to let go.

Sparkle Cleaning is in a fortunate position, we are a growing company that prides ourselves as ‘the cleaners that care’. We want to see everyone in a safe place right now, which is why we have decided to waive the cost of buying a Sparkle Cleaning Franchise for those who have been let go during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Gareth established Sparkle Cleaning in 2016. To Deliver efficient and thorough commercial cleaning across the professional services, industrial space, hospitality and the education sector. Sparkle Cleaning prides itself on their business being more than just a group of people who are cleaning - it is a family of people who mix fun with professionalism. In an industry known for high staff turnover, they have an excellent retention rate with people who joined them when they started still being with them today.