Christeyns Food Hygiene launches advanced membrane cleaning range


Christeyns Food Hygiene, a chemical specialist based in Warrington, has introduced a new portfolio of cleaning products to tackle the complex cleaning of membranes in the dairy and beverage industries.

Working with sister companies within the Christeyns group, Christeyns Food Hygiene has developed a range of specially blended products that are able to effectively clean plant equipment with minimal use of chlorine.

Chlorine has long been an essential component in manufacturing, industrial and wastewater treatment due to its ability to eliminate most pathogenic microorganisms. However it can inhibit the performance of membranes used in the filtration process and leave chlorite and chlorate traces in end product.

Membrane filtration is widely used in the dairy industry and is a proven separation method. Complex soiling occurs during this stage of production that needs to be eliminated thoroughly in the cleaning process and any damage to the membranes due to cleaning, could result in production down time and potential costly replacement.

“The new cleaning system comprises alkali, acid and enzyme technology specifically developed to remove complex soil types in dairy, beverage and brewing industries with limited use of chlorine,“

states Gareth McCabe, Dairy Sector Specialist at Christeyns Food Hygiene.
“The system caters more accurately to the modern production plant with an improved surfactant structure and more complex enzyme chemistry.

It is imperative to use the correct chemistry at the correct dosage for the correct circulation time to achieve a good clean that ensures product integrity. This new chemistry is suitable for cleaning a range of membrane types including spiral wound, thin film composite, plate, frame and ceramic style filtration systems."

Among other companies, Christeyns Food Hygiene work with Tetra Pak, Italy, and along with the effective cleaning, have also been able to reduce water and energy consumption in both cleaning and production.

Christeyns Food Hygiene is part of the Christeyns UK group of companies whose head quarters are in Bradford, West Yorkshire.