‘Twas the night before Christmas


In fact, it was a whole month before Christmas, and some, when Hawkins Hatton Corporate Lawyers decided to hold their “Sing for your Supper” dinner. This event was never normally held in November, in fact, it was always held in early spring.

Given the intervention of the Pandemic, this dinner was not able to be held in the spring of 2020 or 2021. Instead, HH thought rather than waiting for spring 2022, they would hold a pre-Christmas event to try and share some of the magic of Christmas with their clients and professional contacts.

The event at Weston Park has been held there for over ten years by HH, and has become one of the iconic events which people put in their business calendars.

Colin Rodrigues (Corporate Partner at HH) said

"our event is simple, it is good food, good wine and good company with friends, so what is there not to like? Given how difficult the pandemic has been for a lot of people, HH thought by sharing some Christmas joy early, it would be the perfect way to mark the countdown to the start of the festive season".

Harminder Sandhu (Litigation Partner at HH) said

"HH has been built on strong values of client service which means a lot to Colin and I, and when we see our clients and professional contacts in one room, we know we are amongst friends.”