Smith & Williamson Professional Practices Webinars


Smith & Williamson, which is part of leading wealth management and professional services firm Tilney Smith & Williamson, is launching a series of webinars for partners in professional practices next week.

The autumn webinar series begins with a session entitled “Introduction to the Partnership,” from 9-10am on Tuesday, 21st September. The webinar will guide newly appointed equity partners through the transition from employee to equity partner.

The next in the series will be “Financial Planning for Professionals” on 2nd November, considering the implications of the current tax environment and providing guidance on strategic investment options.

This will be followed on 14th December by a “Retirement from the Partnership” webinar, offering advice to equity partners who are approaching retirement.

Robert Davies, senior tax manager and head of professional practices at Smith & Williamson in Bristol, said:

“The taxation and pensions landscape continues to be complicated.

“We are hosting this series of webinars for partners in professional practices to help them through the complexities, with each of them focusing on a particular career milestone, offering solutions and practical advice.”

To register for any of the Smith & Williamson professional practices webinars please visit: Webinar Registration - Zoom