Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors Mark The New Year With Website Launch


Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors has marked the start of 2021 by unveiling a new-look website that features enhanced usability, navigation and a contemporary aesthetic.

The website debut comes as the North West legal firm enters its 200th year in business, and has been designed to capture a digital-driven era that the team have been working towards and implementing over the last several years.

It follows a series of technology innovations introduced by the firm, including its own conveyancing app alongside state-of-the-art software to simplify and speed up legal processes across all departments to enable a better client and employee experience. The firm also underwent a rebrand in 2019 which saw it adopt a more modern identity.

Managing Partner at Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors Mike Leeman said:

“As we enter our 200th year in business, we thought that the time was right to invest significantly into our website to ensure that it is in line with our overall brand, which centres around our forward-thinking approach and attitude to digital ways of working. We pride ourselves on using technology to enhance our client relationships, making legal matters accessible and as straightforward as possible and our website now represents that. It’s also about complementing the work that our team do, and using our new website as a tool to showcase their knowledge and their achievements to help raise their profiles as legal professionals.

“We’ve been continually upgrading and introducing digital systems over the course of the past five years and our new website launch combines all of those elements into a platform that provides an exemplary user experience while offering unique functions such as instant access to online quotes and live chat, for example.”

The website was created by Bristol based agency Conscious Solutions, a leading provider of branding for law firms across the UK. Updates include a newly designed home page with improvements to the searchability of services, easier access to online services for existing clients, staff listings and contact information to name a few.

Mike added:

“We’ve always had a vested interest in using legal technology to its full potential here at Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors and we understand the importance of progressing with the times. Although we work in an area that’s often considered traditional, we like to think that we offer something different that is accessible to people of all generations from across England and Wales. It was important to us that the website design captured that and conveyed both our progressive nature and our expertise as a firm spanning 200 years in business.

“It’s a fantastic way to start the new year - especially such a significant one for the firm - and comes at a time that is poignant for the legal industry. Recent global events have forced a shift in this sector and with digital ways of working becoming more prevalent there was no better time for us to unveil our upgraded online look. We can’t wait for further developments along the course of the next 12 months, particularly as we follow a record year for the firm in terms of case instructions and recruitment in 2020, welcoming 12 new members of staff in that time.”