West Midlands’ seniors get tech savvy with Vodafone masterclasses


A new report by Vodafone has shown that West Midlands’ older generation know technology is extremely important as a way of staying connected. Of those surveyed, 85% of over 55’s in the region said technology helped them stay in touch with family, friends and the wider community. Nearly a fifth (23%) of the over 55’s also said embracing the internet has made them feel more confident (23%).

However, whilst 79% of people aged between 75-84 also thought that using technology was beneficial in keeping their mind active, 40% of the same generation were keen to learn more about using technology with 28% said they did not know how to find support.

As part of its pledge to help overcome loneliness with technology, Vodafone recently held a series of four Techconnect workshops across the West Midlands. The events saw around 60 people learning new skills on mobile phones and tablets, including support on setting up social media groups, using video calling and information on services such as such as mobile banking, as well as internet safety.

The workshops received extremely positive feedback:

“I found the course really helpful and being around other people in the same position was amazing, I have learnt a lot. Downloaded GPS today so I can get home! Learnt how to use a camera and a calendar too.”

Jenny Hughes

“The workshop today was fantastic, the trainers were very good and the whole experience has given me more confidence. I’ve learnt a lot about photos today which is what I was the most unsure on.”

Jackie Evans

“I always felt like if I pressed something wrong my phone could blow up! Now I know how to voice activate which will make things much easier and I feel a lot more confident to try out new things. Please do more!”

Anne Campbell

“I came here to see what was on offer. I discussed a few questions with the team and was introduced to useful tools like google calendar. I learned about syncing with different passwords which was a mystery to me.”


"The trainers were really helpful and informative and I've learned a lot in the session."

Margaret Edwards

"I found the session really useful and informative. Everyone was really friendly and approachable and I feel I learned a lot."

Valarie Smith

Elsie, Mavis and Betty were three ladies attending one of the Techconnect workshops in Handsworth. The two cousins and their long-time friend wanted to learn how to store each other's numbers, call and text each other to be able to keep in touch more regularly.


"If someone was ringing me I'd miss the call and I didn't know how to add my friends. I'm delighted with today and really grateful for the time, my teacher was amazing and I feel much more confident.”


"I wanted to learn how to get my own number to give it out when friends asked, I learned that today and it was easier than I thought."


"I learned a lot today on how to use my smartphone, I hope they do more like this in the future."

Further workshops are planned in the new year. For more information visit www.vodafone.co.uk/techconnect