Schools urged to register for the Schools’ Buying Hub North West


Schools are being urged to register for the Schools’ Buying Hub North West before the summer term ends.

The Schools’ Buying Hub North West is a free initiative funded by the Department for Education in partnership with It is focussed on releasing savings for schools and saving them time in finding the best deals for items like facilities, ICT, business services, stationery, utilities and more.

The Schools’ Buying Hub North West supports schools by providing advice and guidance on purchasing including a free consultation call to discuss procurement needs. Support is also available with complex purchasing contracts and helping schools buy together to benefit from economies of scale.

Hundreds of schools in the region have already registered and Rob Kissick, CEO of professional procurement company, says that school business professionals are being encouraged to sign-up quickly in order to benefit from the savings and budget support the Hub provides.

“With the end of the summer term approaching we want to register as many schools in the North West as possible so we can start saving them money and getting them the best deals for their purchasing needs,”

said Rob Kissick.
“We’re finding that the schools we’ve engaged with appreciate the efficiencies we’re able to make, the better buying power the Hub has compared to individual schools or even clusters of schools, and the time we’re saving school business professionals on their procurement activities. The Hub is helping schools buy together and save money at no cost to the school.”

To access the service, schools need to enter their details on the registration page of

After registering, schools are given the opportunity to discuss their purchasing needs as part of a free 30-minute consultation call in which the Hub’s procurement professionals will identity where potential savings can be made.