Oxbridge Team, Tutors and Students Awarded Certificates


Internationally respected Oxbridge are delighted to have received external recognition from The Association of Distance Learning Colleges for their most recent A-Level and GCSE grades. The Oxbridge team have been awarded a Certificate of Merit, for their outstanding provision in distance learning. This Certificate of Merit is usually awarded to individual students who have impressed The Association of Distance learning with their achievements but has been awarded to the whole Oxbridge team, as the Association felt that the tutorial and support team at Oxbridge deserve recognition.

The Association of Distance Learning Colleges was founded in 1953 and are the only trade association in the UK dedicated to distance learning providers. All members are bound by their code of ethics.

Students of Oxbridge achieved a phenomenal 97% pass rate, with 80% of GCSE learners receiving a 7+, and 69% of A-Level students achieving a Grade A or A*. This is spectacular proof that distance learning really works, and it makes education, training and learning available to all.

Oxbridge was founded by Matt Jones in 2015, who states that it has been both challenging and incredibly rewarding building the college into what it is today.

“We found the problem and solved it better than anyone else. Our innovation strategy is a springboard for positive and meaningful changes in education, and our results evidence that the advances we’re making are working.”

Since launching, our strategy has focused on authoring, producing and teaching the highest quality qualifications available in today’s market. Our courses are authored by industry-leading experts, and are delivered by skilled, ambitious teachers and tutors. The courses go through stringent editorial and design standards supported by innovative marketing and publicity.

Oxbridge student, Jessica Perkins has also been crowned Student of the Month by the Association. Jessica is studying for an Award in Education and Training, a Diploma in Education and a Training and Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement.

Enrolment manager Andy Linforth added

“we were delighted to be recognised. This highlights the benefits of learning and celebrates the achievements of those who have used learning to transform their lives. We hope this goes someway towards encouraging everyone to embrace lifelong learning. The team has worked extremely hard over the years to give ‘digital’ a strong presence within what’s traditionally been known as linear.”

The Festival of Learning has also awarded certificates to two Oxbridge tutors and one Oxbridge student.

Tutors James Oliver and Dr. Javeria Anwar have both been awarded Certificates of Achievement in recognition of their commitment and dedication to teaching and learning. Additionally, Oxbridge student Mia Blakemore, who completed the NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching & Learning, was awarded a Certificate of Achievement for her commitment to learning.

Dr. Javeria Anwar, a qualified dentist and a maths and science tutor at Oxbridge says

"It is undoubtedly a proud moment for me to be receiving a certificate of participation at the Festival of Learning. By working with Oxbridge, I have been able to showcase my skills as a tutor and teacher, yearning to achieve more and never give up."

Stacey Ryan, Centre Director at Oxbridge says

“For us, creating a dynamic user experience is at the forefront here at Oxbridge. We focus on creating engaging content through our visual and interactive features. We also get real-time feedback from our tutors, which is delivered to our learners through our award-winning platform, MyOxbridge. Technology has enabled us as a business to power the learning sphere and to disrupt the EdTech space. This is reflected in our recent results, including a 97% pass rate for GCSE and A-level students, which demonstrates that our learners are benefiting from our platform and exceeding the national average.”

Festival of Learning acknowledges the benefits of lifelong learning and its goal is to inspire adults to continue learning. They give annual awards to tutors, adult learners and employers, as well as issuing awards for projects.