Beech Hall School Welcomes New Wellbeing Initiative


Pupils and staff members from Beech Hall School have participated in a series of ‘Mind Mechanics’ workshops, furthering strategies for positive mental health within the school.

A cohort of 28 children in Year 6 to 10 at the Tytherington-based school engaged in a course of six, two hour long age-related workshops designed to facilitate better understanding and self-regulation of emotions, while teaching strategies to better manage or protect against poor mental health. Staff from the school also had the valuable opportunity to train in delivering the workshops by shadowing the practitioner in the various sessions.

As part of the teaching and learning project, younger pupils in the school were provided with their own ‘Happy Self Journal’, which allows them to express their thoughts on a daily basis in the form of a diary. Tess Kay aged 7 expressed, “I love doing my Happy Self Journal.”

Headmaster James Allen commented,

“I would like to thank Edge Inclusive for providing fun and engaging workshops which have equipped our school community with the tools and knowledge to meet the needs of children and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs.

“At Beech Hall School the wellbeing of our pupils is of the utmost importance which is why we have facilitated this training and will continually seek ways to support their mental health.”

Beech Hall School is a non-selective independent school for children aged from six months to 16 years old. It is situated in a stunning 16-acre site with two listed buildings, playing fields and a swimming pool.

Part of the Riverston Group, Beech Hall is committed to providing a child-centred education which focuses on every individual child’s strength and gives each one the opportunity to achieve a wide variety of academic, sporting and extra-curricular goals.

Bespoke, quality teaching is at the heart of Beech Hall’s core values and the recent renovation has made the personalised learning approach all the more achievable.

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