Meet Plannet Zero - Driving sustainability in the courier industry


There is a lot of buzz around innovation when it comes to the future of the delivery and courier industry, especially to do with developments in automation and AI technology. However, one subject that is increasingly important for businesses and consumers to consider is the environment. With all the haulage and miles involved in the industry it’s important that businesses are taking active steps to offset their carbon footprint.

Plannet Zero has been working with Speed Couriers, a well-established company providing courier services for over 36 years across the North West of England, to implement a strategy to help them on their journey towards becoming carbon neutral.

Carl Truscott, Financial Director at Speed Couriers Northern, said:

“We recognise the importance of the impact our day-to-day operations has on the environment, which is why we chose to work with Plannet Zero on the project ‘One Two Zero’. They were knowledgeable, inspirational and made it easy to understand the businesses carbon footprint, how we could implement an effective strategy to reduce this and achieve our goal of becoming Operational Carbon Neutral.

“We are delighted to be involved with Plannet Zero and look forward to continuing our carbon reduction journey.”

‘One Two Zero’ is an accessible programme that helps Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) achieve operational carbon neutrality as a first step towards longer-term net zero goals.

How does it work? The Plannet Zero team provides the tools and empowers people within the company to:

  • Calculate their carbon footprint

  • Implement and plan emission reductions

  • Take responsibility now and begin offsetting

  • Communicate being certified ‘Operational Carbon Neutral’

  • Implement an ongoing plan to reduce emissions

  • Repeat the above on an ongoing basis