Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G Phone Hits the Market in the UK June 7th

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Samsung’s first 5G smart phone, the Galaxy S10 will go on sale June 7th in the UK, but you will be able to pre-order it this week. 5G has become sort of mythical, it has been talked about for months. But now it will be reality. Though it will take a while for the technology to become widespread, Samsung is the first company to premiere a 5G phone on the British market.

The fifth generation network is expected to be around 20 times faster than 4G, with lower latency. Media options including gaming will see a boost, for the first time you will be able to stream 4K video on a mobile phone. In order to use this network, you need a phone that is capable of accessing it. You will also need a suitable modem. The first option for this is the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

In addition to accessing the illustrious 5G network, the new Samsung phone offers other specs that are sure to delight consumers. For one, it has a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen and an infinity-O display that appears on the S-series smart phone. Samsung says the large screen promotes the new ability to stream 4K video and play the latest games, including HDR10+ content that is stunning and crisp. The new Samsung model also has four lens rear-mounted camera setup with Dual OIS and ToF and two front ones, totaling six camera lenses. It also has the largest battery life of any Samsung, at a staggering 4,500mAh.

Some people may complain about the fact that it is a single-SIM device and doesn’t offer a micro-SD slot. The largest and heaviest of the S10s, the phone aims to satisfy consumers with its 5G capabilities, not its weight.

Still, according to MoneyPug, a site used in the UK to compare mobile phones, the latest smart phone offers significant upgrades to its predecessors. It sports display fingerprint sensors, reverse wireless charging support, and more. The Galaxy S10e is being marketed as the affordable model of the 5G S10s, following the success of the iPhone XR.


The Galaxy S10 is available with 128 and 512 GB storage, for £799 and £999 respectively. The more affordable S10e is selling at £699 for 128 GB. As for monthly bills, EE is offering the S10 and S10+ for £48 and £53 while the S10e will be around £44 a month. There are other options, Tesco Mobile is offering cheaper prices than that and Vodafone, the first network to premiere 5G capabilities, will be flogging all three S10 models from £54 a month and £49 upfront.

Where 5G Phones will be Available

Samsung’s 5G phone won’t just be available in the UK, it will premiere in other countries around the world. In June it will come to France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. In South Korea, where Samsung is based, the phone has already experienced price cuts, which suggests that the new models may get cheaper as they reach the market.

What this Means for the Future

With the premiere of smart phones that can access the 5G network, the future of mobile technology will be quite exciting. This fifth generation network will open up many doors that lead to amazing possibilities. It takes us one step close to self-driving cars, remote surgeries, expanded VR capabilities, and a whole lot more.

The reason this technology is so anticipated is not that it will be a large upgrade right away. The exciting part is the revolution that may come with it as the technology becomes more widespread. It will take a few years before 5G technology reaches the average person, especially in under-developed countries, but it suggests that the technology of the future is just around the corner.

Even if you are not able to obtain a 5G phone right away, most of us aren’t, you should still be excited about the possibilities to come. As these phones become more commonplace, the price will go down and everyone will eventually get to stream high quality video, play the latest mobile video games, and take advantage of all the 5G network has to offer.

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