Benefits of High Speed Internet Connection

Business Insights

From email communication and voice over IP systems to social media campaigns and beyond, a reliable high speed internet connection is a necessity within any office based company.

UK internet use more than doubled in 2020, as people stayed at home during the coronavirus pandemic; and over the last 18 months online video calls and virtual meetings have become part of the norm. This has proven just how much we as a society rely on the internet for both business and social use. As you try to make a good impression with a potential new client, sell your services or try and secure that new job, the last thing you need is an inconsistent and unreliable internet connection to cut you off mid-sentence.

Think about how many devices you have within your office space that are simultaneously connected to the internet; desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, mobile phones to name a few. Having that high speed internet connection helps each device access enough bandwidth without slowing down connectivity and compromising other users within your office. As Voice over IP becomes more popular, having a high speed connection allows a business to potentially cut costs by allowing calls to be made over the internet instead of via the traditional and often more expensive analogue line.

Security has become a very important factor, anything from Cyber Security to running CCTV systems and security alarms. All of which require a good, reliable connection to the internet to run efficiently and work to their maximise potential. There is less risk of being alerted to a potential issue too late because your internet connection cannot send the alert through quick enough for example.

One hurdle faced by a slow connection is when trying to use cloud based software and storage solutions. They are reliant on having good download and upload speeds to keep up with the demands of the digital age. Take for example online sales. An online sales company can lose substantial amounts of money if there are delays experienced with page loading times. Time is money and if you’re relying on the internet in the day to day running, there is a lot of money to be lost without the strong internet connection.

A slow connection can create a stressful environment for your employees. Will their job become more difficult if they don’t have the proper connection in order to deliver? Imagine how they would feel if they lost their hard work due to a poor connection. This could effect their morale and impact on their performance, attendance and ultimately even potential retention rates as employees may look for alternative employment.

One thing that can be taken from the past 18 months is the need to adapt quickly and be flexible with working arrangements. A strong connection allows your employees to work remotely and ‘dial in’ to allow them access to all the usual connections they would normally benefit from being in the office.

We have recently upgraded the internet connection at our Genesis Business Centre and can offer superfast broadband speeds; so if you are thinking about setting up your own office or are looking to move, why not contact us and help create a new home for your business. Please contact us directly on 01782 366 000 or visit the website at