Why you should consider a flexible workspace for your business

Business Insights

With businesses having mostly returned to office, and employees making their daily commutes or operating a hybrid approach, we are certainly regaining a sense of normality. Compared to the tumultuous memories of 2020 and the hesitant hopefulness of 2021, this year we are set to enjoy a post-pandemic future.

Of course, businesses are still facing challenges. There has been a widespread shift in employee culture since remote working became the ‘new norm’. Employees have a far better understanding of what they need and want from a workspace, and the ‘where’ of a job is less relevant than the ‘why’ and the ‘who.’

This has resulted in an office space dilemma

Many traditional office leases can be between 3 and 10 years long, and with the last 2 years in mind, knowing where your business will be that far into the future is near impossible.

As a result, at Airivo, we believe that flexible office contracts have never been more sought after as the need for flexibility is becoming far more prevalent.

Flexible short-term agreements offered by the serviced office industry, businesses are not tied in to extended periods and can make changes when necessary, based on the reality of their workforce’s patterns.

Perhaps 50% of a company’s workforce prefers a home setup and therefore a larger office has become unnecessary, or perhaps a business has grown significantly and now requires more space to ensure the team can come together and collaborate.

Whatever the circumstance, a company should not be married to long-term contracts, unable to expand, reduce or vacate a workspace to meet changing objectives. As businesses have experienced first-hand; we cannot plan in the way we used to – moving to a shorter and flexible office contract can be a step towards futureproofing a company.

Serviced offices with a difference

The growth rate of the serviced office industry is expected to rise by 81% throughout 2022, having increased by 6.7% each year since 2017.

Serviced offices provide a complete solution to your office needs with a fixed monthly licence fee and zero hidden costs. With flexibility and customer service at their core, a serviced office comes fully furnished, fully staffed and benefits from reliable business grade internet connectivity.

Whether a company’s office requires good proximity to transport links, or it is the surrounding food and drink venues making the difference, flexible serviced offices can be found in most major cities with excellent amenities on the doorstop.

Picture it for yourself

The ease and accessibility of a serviced office becomes a regular feature of everyday life, best exemplified when picturing the average serviced-office-employee's day.

For example...

Your company’s building may be a stone’s throw from a major station, meaning it is only a short walk to your office in the morning, that has been fully refurbished to a high modern standard. A serviced office comes with a staffed reception, so you’ll be greeted you as you arrive, as will your visitors. The on-site team can also provide easy access to conference room facilities.

Stepping out of the main entrance, you will find amenities aplenty, with eateries and drink shops in immediate eyesight. The buzzing feel of the streets will not go unnoticed, with the idea of grabbing a Starbucks between meetings or a business lunch at an ASK Italian being a very real possibility with a serviced office. Once the day is done, a short walk through the pulse of the city atmosphere and you are already at the doors of the station, ready to catch your train or bus home.

You can leave any problems - maintenance or technical – for the reception staff. An on-site team really can make all the difference.

Sound ideal?

After the years of lockdowns, we are needing the buzz that comes from face-to-face interaction. That feeling translates into serviced offices, as they provide a blend of traditionality and contemporary comfortability.

An increase in the number of registered businesses means an increasing pool of potential clients for the serviced office industry, and with the number of UK businesses forecasted to increase as Covid uncertainty dissipates, there is no slowing the industry down.

If you and your team are seeking office solutions, requiring some flexibility in your contract or just want to see a serviced office for yourself, please do get in touch.

No ask is too big, and offices can be adapted to meet any desired specification: Your space your way.