Hybrid Workspaces: Flexibility, Community & Wellbeing

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The words on everyone’s lips when it comes to office designs: hybrid working. Put simply, this dynamic work environment uses interior features that support the needs of each individual employee, whether they are at home, in the office, or a mixture of the two.

Accelerated by the pandemic, the hybrid workplace uses purposeful commercial design and interior solutions - something that’s imperative when it comes to improving staff welfare, productivity levels and company culture. Perhaps most prominently, the hybrid workplace boasts flexibility and comfort, ensuring that staff have everything they need to fulfil their daily work tasks to a high standard.

Gloucestershire offices and workplaces in the surrounding area could greatly benefit from the help of specialist design and fit-out companies. Specialists will take the time to analyse your workplace, finding the most effective commercial interior solutions bespoke to your space.

Here’s a few ways in which the hybrid workplace can help improve your working environment:

    1. Revive Company Culture

    A great company culture is key to building creativity, but can also help support employee wellbeing. Hybrid office spaces use interior features that help heal the gap in communication between colleagues after the pandemic. The right office design and refurbishment services can form an inviting work environment that welcomes staff back to the workplace, allowing for clear body language, impromptu catch ups and breaks that build trust and relationships between colleagues.

    Design has an incredible power to influence staff and their working environment. Whilst we have little control over spur-of-the-moment catch ups, office fit out and refurbishment companies are able to design an office space that encourages them to happen.

    Breakout rooms are social hubs, home of coffee breaks and lunch catch-ups. They are spaces for employees to recharge away from their desks; they encourage socialisation between colleagues, collaborations between departments and even provide a space for more solo work. To ensure the breakout zone works as efficiently as it should, it’s important to consider floor layouts, supportive furniture and more interior features that create a flexible space used for informal meetings, lunch breaks and to grow company culture.

    2. Incorporating Home Comforts within the Workplace

    To be successful, the hybrid work environment needs to capture the elements staff love most about working from home, and lend it to the office. In particular, the concept incorporates comfort and work to form an environment that supports staff welfare.

    This humancentric approach can be achieved through complete design and refurbishment services, or by looking at product solutions without the cost of a full fit out. Providing staff with the right comfort needed to complete their day-to-day tasks with ease. Upgrading the office with buying ergonomic chairs that support posture, using softer office lighting to minimise eyestrain and headaches or acoustic wall panels for sound clarity can ensure staff are comfortable, whether they are working in the office full time or occasionally.

    3. Flexibility for the Future

    At the heart of hybrid workplaces is flexibility; consideration of staff diversity and the ability to give employees the power to work how they want, when they want. Workplaces that facilitate this are not only likely to improve the productivity of their staff, but also futureproof their offices against the unpredictability of the future.

    An office designed to assist staff in whichever work model they choose can also help employees feel valued, handing them the tools they need to succeed with their day. When in the workplace, a properly fitted office design will ensure all staff are supported with a working environment that work for you and your staff.

    Inclusive, hybrid workplaces are spaces where staff can work individually and collaboratively, digitally and in the office. Designed for all, they ensure all cultures are acknowledged and supported.

    4. Commercial Interiors with a Purpose

    To ensure your office design is effective, it’s handy to have insights from the experts. With years of industry experience and a passionate in-house team, Gravity Office Interiors provide full design and fit out services in and around Gloucestershire, transforming workplaces into offices that work for your staff.

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