8 things you need to know when looking for a new office

Business Insights

1. Know how much space you want, and how much you’re going to need in the future.

So let’s say you’re looking for an office for up to 10 people. Would this be a cosy 10 or generous 10 seater space with leg room? Both have their benefits but It’s worth considering desk spaces for 12 or 15 if there is future scope of expansion or if you’d just like that extra bit of space to breathe. 50 sq.ft per desk or 100 sq.ft per employee is a good rule of thumb.

2. What about communal space?

Does the building have lots of breakout spaces for your staff to relax or to provide opportunity for collaboration with other occupiers? Would being amongst like-minded creative businesses improve community feel? A cool and corporate environment might not be for you or your staff.

You can also save money on renting smaller working spaces with the benefit of communal breakout spaces. According to TCN UK, employee performance and motivation is driven up 80% by their office environment and having a place to get away from your screen during the day is a big part of that!

3. Meeting rooms and event facilities.

Does the space you're looking for have communal meeting rooms for the whole building or is there space to integrate your own meeting rooms into your office? Private facilities could eliminate the issue of over-used communal meeting rooms and give you the flexibility to arrange your meetings how they best suit you.

Consider space to accommodate those strategy days, events, and celebrations - you'll need a decent space without the hassle of having to fight for it!

4. Get to know your landlord.

What does your landlord stand for? Community? Trust? Openness? Honesty? Or corporate and orderly? A landlord on your side and will always do more to find a solution if your needs ever change over the course of your lease.

Look for flexibility to enable your business to expand without worry.

5. What does the office environment offer?

Now what about your neighbours? What are they like? Are you looking for a friendly, community feel? Somewhere sociable or somewhere quiet?

Staff performance can be enhanced with closer business friendships, if you’re in a like-minded campus, you’ll more likely enjoy your neighbours and see staff performance improve too.

6. Your brand, your business, your reputation.

You’ve made it this far. You’ve got a brand you’re proud of, why not show it to the world? With new working from home policies coming into play this year, you’ll want a awesome home from home. A space that you can make your own, without having to adopt the bland corporate branding of the building owners.

Consider landlords that allow you to design your office space to fit your style and celebrate your brand.

Have an office space that your team looks forward to coming in to!

7. Internet requirements - fibre speed and capacity

Is there anything more frustrating than slow internet? Its more important than ever to ensure your connection is the best it can be, be sure to speak to your provider and get a clear picture of what your usage is.

8. Location, Location, Location

Has your landlord got other buildings across the country? Some landlords let you make use of meeting rooms and breakout spaces in their other buildings, for free!

Consider a location that has not only what you need, but what you want too. Sometimes, paying a premium for city centre offices isn’t necessary when a 5 minute walk to the centre instead can give you much better value for money.

Also, don’t forget to consider whether your new space is in the Clean Air zone. Cleaner air can prevent a whole host of nasty problems and happier, healthier staff are always great for business.