Why Business Owners Should Consider Private Healthcare

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Private health insurance can provide an impressive array of advantages for business owners, while also offering a variety of medical treatments that are inaccessible through the NHS.

While the NHS provides free healthcare for all citizens in the UK, the benefits that private health insurance can offer are growing more relevant every year.

The increased strain on NHS hospitals due to higher patient volumes and insufficient government funding has caused significant issues for many patients. Due to the lack of availability, waiting times for appointments often last for months, or even longer for some treatments.

Private healthcare can alleviate this issue, along with many others, while also providing additional options for covering family members and even employees if applicable. This article will highlight the most significant benefits of private healthcare for individuals, families and businesses, to convey why the coverage is so appealing for business owners.

Benefits for individuals

Private healthcare can go a long way towards improving the overall quality of care that individuals receive. There are also many perks that can make the experience of hospital admissions and appointments much more comfortable and flexible.

Some of the most enticing benefits of private healthcare for individuals include:

  • Access to specialised treatments & prescriptions

  • Shorter waiting times for appointments

  • Flexible options for treatments

  • Access to online GP sessions

  • Extended appointment times

All of the different insurers offer varying levels of coverage, but many of them include the option to cover specific areas of secondary healthcare, for an additional fee. These options most commonly encompass mental health support, as well as private dental and optical care.

Extended coverage for families

Most insurers offer the option to include coverage for family members with their private healthcare policies, providing the exact same level of care, with all of the perks included.

The terms usually cover spouses or partners, as well as children and extended family members, if the policy holder wishes to include them. There is normally no limit on the number of family members that can be covered, however the price will increase with the inclusion of each individual.

The cost of covering a family under a single plan is also significantly cheaper than paying for individual insurance for each person, which makes these policies much more financially viable.

Family coverage can also provide some peace of mind in knowing that the ones you care for will have the best medical care available, should they ever need to make use of it.

Benefits for businesses

Business health insurance can grant employees all of the individual benefits that were mentioned previously, while also offering a number of advantages for businesses of any size.

Insurance policies can be purchased that cover every staff member, or only a select group of key employees. These policies can help businesses attract the best possible applicants towards their advertisements, while improving the health and happiness of pre-existing staff.

This insurance can be provided for almost any kind of business, with many insurers offering affordable and valuable options for anything from a small local business, to an international enterprise.

How to find the best private health insurance

If you’re interested in finding the best private healthcare insurance available, Hooray Health & Protection have published a guide on the best providers in the UK, which can be found here.

Their team of insurance experts have had extensive experience in providing customers with the private healthcare policies that are right for them. If you would like to contact our team about private cover, or if you have any other questions, please visit our website.