Surviving 2020 and Building a Stronger Business

Business Insights

It comes as no surprise that many businesses have struggled throughout multiple lockdowns and the effects of the coronavirus, particularly those that require groups of people to attend and take part in their services. At Mojo Active, we are one of Bristol’s best-equipped outdoor activity centres. We run programmes for kids, adults and corporate groups have had our fair share of setbacks over the past 14 months.

Through the lockdowns we have had to close and change our processes and business offerings several times.

Keeping our staff in-touch with news, trained and motivated whilst we had the periods of closure has been key. With the constant rule changes and government updates it quite frankly could have been easy to get despondent. The positivity and resilient spirit of the whole team has kept us going, and I feel like we are a stronger team because of working together through the setbacks.

Learning from our peers

In order to learn the new ways we could operate we regularly attended online meetings with 70 other organisations within the outdoor industry all over the UK, that form the Vertex industry group. We also looked at how other European companies were organising their activities and their COVID safe practices.

This gave us the opportunity to connect with so many more people in the industry - it's incredible what we can learn from each other.

Building resilience and a stronger team

To support our staff throughout the lockdown, we held regular meetings online, keeping everyone updated on new developments and what was next. Taking advantage of the furlough system, we managed to keep our staff reassured and motivated by keeping in regular contact. When the time came to reopen, we held an in-depth staff training session, going over new procedures and regulations and we made sure staff members were happy and confident. All the staff were itching to get back to work and return to the great outdoors. To see their happiness at being able to open again; especially after Lockdown 3 has been fantastic. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

Creating confidence for our clients

The biggest struggle that we faced was the uncertainty, not knowing when we would be allowed to reopen, not knowing what the new restrictions would be, but most of all not knowing if our customers would have the confidence to return and take part. However, it seems like the public have been itching to get back to Mojo as much as the staff. I think what has really helped us is the fact we are an outdoor business. After months of Lockdown everyone understands how important time outdoors is for improving mental health. The outdoors brings people together, disperses stress and makes you feel good!

Personal growth and time to thrive

Something I think as an owner and manager is the fact that over the past few months there has been that time to reflect on the business and space to create new ideas. This is something I’m really keen to keep in not only my schedule but also in that of the team.

It has been a challenging time for us Mojo Active and we have thrived and kept the faith alive whilst following the strict COVID-19 safety guidelines as described by the government. We are proud to provide safe, active, exciting, and fun-filled outdoor activities and are looking forward to the rest of 2021 with renewed hope.

by Mark Johnson. Mojo Active.