Six tips to increase motivation in the workplace

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Suffering from a lack of motivation at work? Below, flexible office specialist, Workthere, reveals six top tips to increase productivity.

    1. Interact with colleagues

Workthere research reveals that 73% of office workers think catching up with their office colleagues is one of the happiest moments in their working day1. So, if you tend to suffer from the morning blues, when you get into work, take some time to chat with your colleagues and ask them about their evening/plans for the weekend etc. The interaction will help start your day off right and ultimately boost your mood.

    2. Get your work done

A recent study by Workthere found that between 10am and 11am is the most productive time of day for UK office workers2, therefore make sure to use this time to whittle through your to-do list and get those tasks you’ve been putting off done.

    3. Listen to Pop Music

Did you know pop music could be the key to boosting your mood? According to Workthere research, listening to music at work increases productivity by a quarter (25%) and boosts mood by 35%3. When it comes to the genre it’s pop music that really helps, with nearly four in ten office workers (38%) claiming this is the key to working hard. So, have your Ed, Ariana and Bruno at the ready!

    4. Take your lunch break

Research from Workthere has found that lunch breaks are the happiest moment in the working day for the majority of UK workers (82%)1, but the average lunch break in the UK lasts just 34 minutes and more than half (52%) of workers skip their lunch break completely4. If you can, make a conscious effort to take your full lunch break away from your desk, either by going for a walk or sitting down to eat with your colleague. Do so, and you’re bound to feel more energised and ready to take on the afternoon.

    5. Have a treat

Ever experience a mid-afternoon slump? Well, a sweet treat could help! Research shows 80% of UK workers say office treats bring them happiness at work1, therefore it could be a nice idea to pick up some sweets, chocolate or healthy snacks for you and your colleagues to enjoy.

    6. Go home on time

The majority of UK office workers finish work at 5pm, but according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), we now work 30 minutes more every week compared to 10 years ago.5 So, if you’ve hit your peak, make an effort to pack up and leave on time. You’ll have more time for yourself in the evening to do what you want to do, like go to the gym, enjoy a meal out, or relax and watch TV.

Freddie Ward, associate director at Workthere, comments:

“We all experience lack of motivation from time to time, however by making small changes to your working day, you’ll see a boost in both your mood and productivity.

“With a variety of working spaces available, complimentary tea and coffee facilities, a diverse mix of other users to talk to and very often some form of health and wellbeing offer, flexible offices lend themselves well to providing everything you need for a productive and positive day at work.”

To find out more about staying happy at work, visit Workthere’s blog here: