Improve Your Workspace: How to Create an Office Atmosphere That Your Employees Will Love

Business Insights

The current COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily switched most people’s working environment so that they’re now working from home, but with the proposed roadmap to lift lockdown restrictions, you may be planning ahead for the day that you open your doors and welcome your employees back to the office.

It’s no secret that happy employees produce better work, so a responsible employer will always be looking for ways to keep their staff satisfied at work. Since your employees aren’t likely to be based in the office at the moment, now is a great time to think about transforming your office space.

Your office environment plays a key role in your employees’ mental health, and the right space can motivate staff to work harder, as well as providing a positive atmosphere that keeps them enthused about coming into work. Here are some tips on how to create an office atmosphere that your employees will love.

Create a Space That Is Modern, Bright and Airy

Don’t underestimate the power of natural lighting, as studies have found is a strong correlation between natural lighting and employees’ sleep and energy levels. Office spaces with plenty of windows are best for letting natural light in, and we’d also recommend white walls and lighter coloured furniture to keep things bright and airy.

On the topic of office aesthetics, you should be sure to cut down on clutter, replace anything that’s broken and keep equipment up to date with the latest model. A pot plant or two would also not go amiss.

Keep Things Clean and Tidy

"A tidy home equals a tidy mind- and the same can be said for a workspace. Encourage your staff to keep things tidy by having the correct organisational equipment available.
It’s also a good idea to employ a regular cleaner to carry out a deeper clean of the office by vacuuming, mopping and sanitising any communal areas."

It’s also a good idea to employ to carry out a deeper clean of the office by vacuuming, mopping and sanitising any communal areas. Make sure you select a trusted firm, leaving the tidying down to a trained cleaner is a huge weight off your shoulders!

Bring in Employee Recreational Spaces

Bringing in fun activities like ping-pong tables and basketball hoops is a great way to boost moral, as well as providing golden opportunities for team members to bond. Adding these extra touches can help your employees to feel like the business really cares about them, which is another solid way to increase the likelihood of better work being produced.

Provide Quiet Rooms to Rest and Recharge

While fun recreational spaces allow your staff to blow off some steam, quiet rooms are also a great way for people to recharge their batteries. For staff who have an intense workload, a quiet room can be used to take a quick power nap or get on with a difficult project which requires a lot of focus. As you’re less likely to be interrupted in a quiet room, this can help cut down on stress and increase productibility levels.