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Edge Tax LLP
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We are the leading UK and International Tax Specialists in all areas of UK and International tax with over 40 years of combined experience.

We are HMRC Enquiries & Tax Investigations Industry recognised tax investigation specialists, and authors of The Practical Enquiry Manual.

We manage your Tax, we are independent and impartial, offering expert opinions on efficient tax planning.

We offer Estate Planning & Inheritance Tax managing your liability starts within your lifetime - it's about more than just preparing a will.

We typically take on difficult or complex cases where we can add value for high net worth families, individuals and businesses.

Tell us your problems and we will honestly and expertly work with you. We will help empower you to make the right choices. Our aim is to resolve tax issues in a commercial, cost effective and timely manner.

Our team are all consistently involved in solving tax problems. All members of our team are exposed to the process of researching, identifying options and analysing risks and effectiveness. The team work together to find practical solutions for our clients. Experience is shared and growth of knowledge is nurtured.

We offer a FREE Initial Consultation. We are 100% transparent and will tell you when costs will arise and what they will be.

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