CrossCountry driver gives a new meaning to ‘meals on wheels’


It’s not every day work and play go hand in hand, but for CrossCountry train driver Andy Christie this couldn’t be more true. In his professional life Andy is a driver for CrossCountry trains, however in his spare time Andy combines his volunteering with Severn Valley Railway (SVR) – a heritage railway based in Shropshire and Worcestershire - with his love for cooking.

Using the steam from the train’s engine, Andy prepares a variety of dishes with a difference. From bacon sandwiches, to lamb roasts and even sticky toffee puddings, Andy has an array of recipes in his repertoire. The inspiration for his unconventional cuisine came from a fellow steam enthusiast who showed him how to cook an onion in the hot pipe of the cab. Since then, through trial and error, Andy has perfected his on board cooking and has mastered an array of dishes, which he regularly serves to hungry SVR colleagues; his steak casseroles and chicken dishes are particular favourites

Having joined CrossCountry in 2010, Birmingham based train driver Andy, has previously been nominated for a train driver of the year award in 2014. Andy Oakey, Head of Drivers at CrossCountry said: “I have experienced Andy’s locomotive cookery skills first-hand when I was travelling on a special steam hauled train service on which he was the driver (and Chef!). The food was delicious!”

Speaking about his time with CrossCountry, Andy said: “CrossCountry have been extremely supportive throughout my career and it’s been great to have their encouragement and support for this new venture. I’ve been fortunate enough to turn my love of trains into a career and I’m excited to share my passion for food with everyone. It’s a great opportunity.”

Andy is hoping to showcase his talents in a new TV show entitled ‘Meals on Wheels’ where viewers can seek inspiration for both travel and food. Who knows what the future will hold for his creative cookbook, but it is clear Andy is on the right track.

If you would like to know more about Andy’s creative cooking he has a range of videos which you can watchhereon his YouTube channel.